A new track: Remix of A Journey to Mt Fuji Soundtrack

This track combines various sound elements from the independent film :
“A journey to Mt Fuji” :

As said in last post, I worked on this movie as additional composer for the ambiences and re-recording mixer.
The idea was to make a track from sound elements of the movie without the visual support and came by playing to the soundtrack with randomly added experimental sessions made without relationship.
The various layers used here are constituted by "backgrounds" recorded in Japan by the director and the film team, fragments of dialogues of the movie with effects, and ambience music that I created for the movie on one side.

 And brought back some various sound experiments such as a strongly processed sample of classical music as well as a very slow hurdy-gurdy recorded previously and a guitar drone (at the beginning of the track until middle approximately).

Very different work in a way because 50 % of sources result from a movie (with the agreement of the production) and the use for once of human voices coming from dialogues or radio recordings. 
The approach is however very instinctive, I wanted to retranscribe by recording my first impression (late at night) of accidental superimposing of these different sources. 
A kind of experience based on a random sound composition in the way of the automatic writing.

The best listening could be late at night, (just an advice), 
to get the hypnotic effect!

Hope you will enjoy listening! 

Cris Ubermann & Yukita Kusunoki - field recordings, backgrounds & dialogs.
Antropik - Ambience, sound manipulations & drones
Released in February 2012