Persistances - A new video and a free EP (2012) !

"Persistances" is an oniric vision taking place in Tokyo, by opening a door to the invisible existence of radioactive contamination spreading all over the mind, from the bedroom to the kitchen. But its a dream, it might not be true, and it is possible to turn off the atomic light and close the gate ..."

Persistances (2012) from Cris Ubermann on Vimeo.
Original Music Composed by ANTROPIK "Persistances" (c)2012
Performed by Cie 86b210

This EP is made of unreleased recordings from the previous album “Lanthanides"
Most of the material is done by mixing textures of sound objects, field recordings and manipulations, processed and under-tuned guitars drones and feedbacks, synthetic noise generators, etc…

NB: Featuring extended mix of "Mydriasis" done for exclusively for this release.
       All tracks remastered in early january 2012.

EP released on bruitsnetlabel (jan 2012)